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Mr. Christian Louboutin was born in 1963 to a working family in Paris, and all his glory began with a special experience as a child. Once he passed by the Oceanic Art Museum in Paris and saw a prominent icon in front of the door, a tapered high heel with two thick lines crossed off, admonishing the women who visited to “be kind” to the carved wooden floor inside the pavilion. Looking at those beautiful heels, the 13-year-old was obsessed, as if discovering for the first time that shoes could also be so beautiful. The Paris was in the midst of an economic recovery, with a scene of glamour, song and dance, and replica Christian Louboutin heels couldn’t resist the lure of the world of flowers, often going to Paris’ most famous nightclub at the time, The Palace, when he was just 14 years old. It was here that he learned what fashion is and his passion for stage performance and dancing grew to the point where he gave up his studies and spent his days in nightclubs, doing odd jobs and pursuing design development, and making shoes was his breakthrough. “For the girls who dance, shoes are the most important thing, they have to be comfortable, but also very beautiful and sexy enough to make people notice at a glance, My idea at the time was simply to get all these girls to wear shoes that I made that were more comfortable and beautiful than the ones under their feet.”

Red soled heels represent the brand of the masterpiece is Christian Louboutin (Christie Louboutin) master, no one, a French designer of high heels, but also a famous high heel brand, red soled shoes are the signature symbol of Christian Louboutin.

Christian Louboutin (Christie Louboutin) was born in 1963 in Paris, France and is a designer of high heels. He dropped out of school at the age of 16 to work as an apprentice at the French shoe industry centre, and later founded the eponymous brand Christie Lubuto.

Christian Louboutin’s shoes are barely recognizable except for that splash of bright red on the sole, with the only recognizable markings visible inside the shoe. Artistic font Christian Louboutin: often pressed in a hot-stamped font, greatly imprinted on the surface of the leather piece.

It seems every girl in the world has lost her mind about buy Christian Louboutin heels. When I don’t, it makes me feel a little strange. Yes, it wasn’t that long ago that I wasn’t a fan of designer shoes. I’m not one for visibly branding her clothes and accessories, and I often think of red soles as the equivalent of a club logo. No, thanks. Also, black skinny heels are black skinny heels are black skinny heels

Red-soled shoes are cheap Christian Louboutin shoes signature symbol, highlighting the feminine femininity, beauty and unassuming sophistication. Shoes are the most important thing, both comfortable and very beautiful and sexy. A lot of stars love it.

I walked by the Christian Louboutin store and didn’t even notice it at first. I didn’t even know it was there! But a second later, as my brain kept up with the peripherals, I turned back around and went inside. Maybe I’ll try a pair or two to make sure I don’t like them….

These aren’t just black thin heels; I’ve tried a lot of them before. These are other things. The lines on them are so sleek and elegant that the shoes become a beautiful natural extension of my feet. I look taller, longer, slimmer and more refined. Just like that, I don’t care at all that the bottom is red.

Thus decided. I begged and then saved a few Neiman Marcus gift cards for birthdays and Christmas and then still had to shell out a few hundred dollars myself (I’m telling you these babies aren’t cheap), but then I had enough of making my investments. I went online and chose the Pigalle Follies in black patent leather (since I prefer Pigalles, I prefer a slim heel)

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